Steel Services & Allied Industries (SS & AI) is a dynamic group of companies specialising in heavy engineering business. SS & AI has extensive surface experience in headgears and steel shaft work, as well as underground experience in decline shaft and vertical shaft mines. 

The Group is respected for its ability to supply structural steel in its purest form as well as to design and deliver high quality architectural and decorative structural steelwork.

There are many reasons to choose SS & AI as your partners:

  • Our business model and lower overhead costs result in savings for our customers.
  • Our strategic advantage in automated systems will improve capacity and output, ensuring that projects are managed economically and are delivered with unsurpassed results for our customers.
  • We are more flexible and have shorter lead times than large engineering organisations. We are able to meet non-traditional requests, make faster decisions and implement quicker.
  • Our pristine safety record affirms our strict safety standards, which conform to the ISO safety standard system.