Ventilation Support Systems is committed to the design, development and production of high performance ventilation products, whatever your needs from underground mining to commercial property development.

Ventilation Support Systems is able to create ventilation bends in a fraction of the time it would normally take. All our ventilation related products are manufactured to the highest safety standards, ensuring maximum efficiency of airflows and ease of installation.

We provide an extensive range of ventilation products manufactured to the highest standards. We offer a comprehensive range of galvanized pipes and fittings manufactured from grade Z275 galvanized steel.

While custom sizes can be accommodated according to customer requirements, ventilation sytems are available with pipe diameters ranging from 280mm, 305mm, 380mm, 405mm, 570mm, 760mm, 915mm, 1015mm to 1220mm, with pipe lengths ranging from 1 – 6 metres.

Ventilation Support Systems use specialised manufacturing methods such as the following:

1. Conventional Tube Type Ventilation Duct

This method hydraulically folds the material into a longitudinal and circumferential seam to make the duct air tight. Flanges are riveted if necessary and joints are sealed with silicon.

2. Spiral Ducting

This method deforms the material significantly to become an airtight structural joint. Flanges are spot welded or riveted to the main specification ducting and sealed with duct seal silicon if necessary.

All our ventilation ducting and fittings are compatible and adhere to all current mining specifications and standards. Manufacturing is done with modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment supplied by the world leading ventilation pipe equipment manufacturers. Ducting and fittings are coupled with flange pipe clamps to keep costly air losses to a minimum.

Our ventilation systems ensure ease of installation and recovery. They are also designed to be leak free which reduces electrical energy consumption.

Other products manufactured by Ventilation Support Systems range from general fabrication to materials handling solutions including:

  • Ventilation doors
  • Ventilation door stops
  • Ventilation door kits
  • Ventilation fire doors
  • Inspection doors
  • Surface ventilation supply system
  • Large fan intake manifolds
  • Fan silencers
  • Refuge bay door
  • Ventilation pipes from 305mm to 1015mm – 1220 - Special order
  • Ventilation bends 45 degree and 90 degree – all sizes
  • Ventilation frames
  • Wedge 5-10-15-20 and 30 degree
  • Wall units – all sizes
  • Blank off plates (2.5 mild steel) – all sizes
  • Lateral Tee and Y-piece reducers – all sizes
  • Protection grids and screens – all sizes
  • Ventilation fan inspection door – all sizes
  • 570 / 760 Rectangular ducting and fittings
  • Vent duct – self closing flaps